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Adult diaper is a disposable adult products, especially for those who do not put often to the toilet in the workplace and the mobility of people with mobility problems, it largely alleviates some disabled people and mobility problems of the elderly who can not take care of their own urine and stool, and bring a lot of convenience to their lives. The product has its distinctive advantages over other types of care products, the following is a brief introduction to the characteristics of the product.

Adult diaper pants

  1, the product is as easy to put on and take off as real underwear, comfortable and very comfortable to wear.

  2, adult diapers have a funnel-type instantaneous absorption system, absorbing urine and wetness can reach 5-6 hours, and can keep the surface layer dry.

  3, 360 degrees of elastic breathable waistband, snug and comfortable, and there is no restraint for the action.

  4, the absorption layer contains odor-suppressing factors, which can well inhibit the generation of odor, so that users always stay fresh.

  5, the edge of the partition is soft and elastic, but also has a good leak-proof function to prevent urine leakage.

  The above is the introduction of the characteristics of adult diapers, I hope you can help. Our company is a professional manufacturer of adult products, many years in the industry, production and processing experience is very rich, a variety of products, complete specifications, quality assurance, reasonable prices, perfect after-sales service, if you have the relevant needs, you can call our company to order. If you find any problems in the use of the product, you can also call our company for consultation, we will try to bring you satisfactory service.